David Miliband talks about the War in Afghanistan

Former Secretary of State for the UK David Milliband discusses the problems created by the War in Afghanistan and his hopes for its resolution.

Mario Molina delivers a lecture on climate change

Professor Mario J. Molina discusses the need for effective policy and communication to support the scientific studies of climate change.

Valerie Jarrett talks about the importance of education

Valerie Jarrett discusses the importance education, opportunities for all people and the steps needed to positively impact the economy.

Janet Napolitano delivers a lecture about the importance of science in many different fields of study

Janet Napolitano discusses the importance of science in the many branches of public service, including national security, economic resilience, and politics.

Steven Chu talks about how science can be used to solve energy usage problems

Dr. Steven Chu discusses how different kinds of technologies and research are essential to combating future energy problems.