Neil Armstrong & Robert Seamans Jr., MIT 1994 - Engineering Aspects of a Lunar Landing

Neil Armstrong and Bob Seamans recount experiences and challenges working on the Apollo Program, at the 25th annual Gardner Lecture on aeronautical history.

Interface for Apollo's computer.

This TV program details the equipment necessary to keep a spacecraft going in the right direction and the challenges involved in that task.

Rocket beginning to launch off pad

This footage is a home movie taken by Major Alexander P. de Seversky of the Apollo 11 launch and of those who were present at the event.

Looking at Earth from outer space.

This film depicts the preparation, launch and recovery of the Apollo spacecraft.

Giant Leaps Symposium at MIT - Apollo: Reflections & Lessons - AeroAstro 2009

Apollo program participants reflect on the legacy and lessons of the Moon landing, forty years later.

Joe Gavin Lunar Module Design & Apollo Program - MIT Lecture 1996

MIT alum Joseph Gavin recounts his experiences as director of the Apollo Lunar Module program.