Mario Molina delivers a lecture on climate change

Professor Mario J. Molina discusses the need for effective policy and communication to support the scientific studies of climate change.

Ernest Moniz talks about climate change and energy demands in the world of today

Ernest Moniz explores the difficulties that energy demand creates, and how factors like climate change affect that demand. He also details the timetable and the changes that will need to be made in the energy industry in the interest of sustainability over the course of the next decade, including alternative methods of harnessing energy.

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Series of talks for visiting MIT alumni on global politics, climate change, science and education, by Ronald G. Prinn, Daniel Charles, Shirley Malcom and John Deutsch.

Sallie Chisholm gives a lecture on the importance of microbes

Professor Sallie Chisholm talks about microbes and sea organisms.

Logo for MIT Sloan Energy Finance Forum.

Experts in finance and energy talk about how collaboration between the two sectors is neccessary for minimizing global warming.

Steven Chu talks about how science can be used to solve energy usage problems

Dr. Steven Chu discusses how different kinds of technologies and research are essential to combating future energy problems.