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Yung Ho Chang

Professor of Architecture, 2005 - present

Professor of Architecture, 2005 - present

Yung Ho Chang
Department Head and Professor of Architecture

Architect and exhibited artist Yung Ho Chang is interested in sustainable building that takes into account city, materiality, and tradition. After growing up in Beijing and heading Peking University’s Graduate Center of Architecture, Professor Chang came to MIT in 2005 to head its department of architecture. He also established and still leads China’s first private architecture firm, Atelier FCJZ.

Highlights of this interview include:

  • Recognizing the importance of wisdom in architecture.
  • Conceptualizing Split House, one of the most widely recognized architectural designs in the world.
  • Balancing academic research with design commissions at his firm in China.
  • Envisioning architecture for the future.
  • How teaching of architecture needs to change from theory-based to problem solving.

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