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William F. Pounds

Dean, Sloan School of Management, 1966 - 1980

Dean, Sloan School of Management, 1966 - 1980

William F. Pounds 
Dean, Sloan School of Management 1966 – 1980 
Professor of Management, emeritus

William Pounds is a professor of management emeritus and a former dean of MIT’s Sloan School of Management. During the turmoil over Vietnam in the late 1960s, he assumed the unenviable task of leading a review of MIT’s policies on two special research laboratories whose funding came in large part from the US Department of Defense. In addition to his roles at MIT—which spanned nearly 50 years—Professor Pounds served for 10 years as senior advisor to the Rockefeller family and as the top executive of a number of their entities, all while remaining as a part-time professor on the MIT faculty and commuting between Boston and New York on a regular basis.

Highlights of this interview include:

  • The path that brought him to MIT, including a job at Kodak and time spent as a fighter pilot in the Korean War.
  • Becoming dean of the Sloan School of Management just five years after arriving at MIT.
  • Leading the Pounds Commission, which was charged with investigating the Institute’s relationship with the government and military.


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