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Walter E. Morrow, Jr. '49, SM '51

Director, Lincoln Laboratory, 1977 - 1988

Director, Lincoln Laboratory, 1977 - 1988

Walter E. Morrow, Jr. ’49, SM ’51
Director, Lincoln Laboratory 1977–1998

Walter Morrow’s association with MIT began when he was a student and ended when he retired as director of Lincoln Laboratory. Mr. Morrow is best known for creating the first radio using transistors, developing the first technology to communicate across thousands of miles, and as a pioneer in the creation of satellite communications. 

Highlights of this interview include:

  • The role the Radiation Laboratory played in building MIT’s international reputation.
  • The connection between science fiction and the creation of satellite communications.
  • Distinctive personnel policies at Lincoln Laboratory and how it remains a top research facility.
  • The three primary ways people contribute at a high-quality research facility.
  • The evolving relationship between MIT and Lincoln Laboratory over the years.
  • How MITRE and Draper Laboratory spun off from their origins at MIT.
  • Making 1,000 trips to Washington, DC to work with Congress and to serve on numerous committees.

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