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Robert W. Healy

Cambridge City Manager 1981 - 2013

Cambridge City Manager 1981 - 2013

Robert W. Healy
Cambridge City Manager 1981 – 2013

Mr. Healy lived in North Cambridge as a child until his family moved to Billerica, Massachusetts when he was 10.  He became the Cambridge Deputy City Manager in 1974 and City Manager 7 years later. During his tenure, through a combination of expert fiscal management and promotion of human services, Cambridge became a city on the cutting edge of innovation. Mr. Healy retired as City Manager in 2013 after 32 years.  

Mr. Healy lives in Lowell, MA.  Since his retirement, he has remained active in municipal government as a financial advisor and temporary city auditor for the City of Lowell among other appointments and academic teaching positions.

He holds a bachelors degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a masters degree from Lowell State College (now UMass Lowell).  

Highlights of this interview include:

  • His work to provide affordable housing in Cambridge. His family moved from Cambridge when he was a child because they could not afford housing. 
  • Worked very hard during his tenure to stabilize and improve the financial condition of the city.  The city now has a AAA bond rating.
  • Reflects on the evolution of the town/gown relationship between the city and the universities.
  • The controversy over the siting of the CASPAR Homeless Shelter on MIT property.
  • Reflects on legalization of gay marriage and when the first legal same sex marriage was performed in Cambridge while he was City Manager. 
  • Talks about the challenges of the transportation system in Cambridge
  • Reflects on the impact of events following the Boston Marathon bombing on the City of Cambridge.
  • The new Cambridge public safety building is named in his honor.

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