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Richard C. Rossi

Cambridge City Manager

Cambridge City Manager

Richard C. Rossi
Cambridge City Manager

Mr. Rossi is the City Manager of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He was born and raised in Cambridge and graduated from the Cambridge Public Schools.  

Over the past 43 years, Mr. Rossi has played an integral role in shaping the city of Cambridge. Prior to becoming the City Manager in 2013, he served as the Deputy City Manager for 32 years.  During his tenure with the City he has overseen numerous capital construction projects and created initiatives focused on sustainability, affordable housing, economic development, and fiscal management.  

Since becoming City Manager, Mr. Rossi has continued to make significant investments in the City’s infrastructure including information technology, public safety, street and sidewalk improvements and the construction of the first NetZero public school for Cambridge.

He is a graduate of Salem State College and has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Northeastern University.  


Highlights of this interview include:

  • Talks about growing up in Cambridge near Kendall Square and attending Cambridge Public Schools.
  • Discusses the changes to the Kendall Square neighborhood during his life time.
  • Recalls his connections to MIT as a child.
  • Begins his public service career in Cambridge city government shortly after graduating from college.
  • Was Deputy City Manager for 32 years before becoming City Manager
  • The building of Denehy Park and other City construction projects
  • The evolution of the town/gown relationships with MIT and Harvard.
  • Importance of the ongoing relationship between the City of Cambridge and MIT


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