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Nicholas Negroponte ’66, MAR ’66

Chairman emeritus, MIT Media Laboratory

Chairman emeritus, MIT Media Laboratory

Nicholas Negroponte ’66, MAR ’66
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Chairman emeritus, MIT Media Laboratory
Chairman, One Laptop per Child

Nicholas Negroponte founded and remains chairman emeritus of MIT’s Media Laboratory. He received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from MIT, where he joined the faculty in 1966. Professor Negroponte was an initial investor and monthly columnist for Wiredmagazine and the chairman for the One Laptop per Child Association. He is also the founder of the Architecture Machine Group, a think tank that studies new approaches to computer-human interaction.

Highlights of this interview include:

  • Early travels and schooling in Europe; studies in the arts.
  • Studying architecture at MIT.
  • Experiences with early mainframe computers.
  • Creation of an interdisciplinary department at MIT.
  • Fundraising and implementation of One Laptop per Child.

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