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Lotte Bailyn

T. Wilson (1953) Professor of Management, emerita

T. Wilson (1953) Professor of Management, emerita

Lotte Bailyn
Professor of Management
T. Wilson (1953) Professor of Management, emerita

As a professor at the Sloan School of Management, Lotte Bailyn is focused on challenging assumptions. Following decades of research into telecommuting, flexible scheduling, family benefits, and work redesign, she concludes that it is imperative for businesses to create a more equitable, family-friendly work environment. Professor Bailyn says this shift is necessary to meet the needs of individual employees and to allow those businesses to survive in an increasingly competitive world.

Highlights of this interview include:

  • Influence of attending a conference sponsored by the American Academy of Arts and Science.
  • Involvement in the Massachusetts Work Family Council bill.
  • How the increasing number of women in the workforce is changing the workplace.
  • Experiences as one of the first woman faculty members at MIT.
  • Equity initiatives at MIT through the years.
  • Researching and writing about methods to better balance workplace and family.

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