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Eric D. Evans

Director of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Director of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Eric D. Evans
Director of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Founded in 1951, MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a multidisciplinary Federally Funded Research and Development Center run by MIT for the Department of Defense.  The laboratory focuses on advanced technology development and system prototyping to support national security.  The Laboratory develops technology for the military services and other government agencies including Homeland Security, NOAA, NASA, and the FAA.  More than 96 companies have been spun off from Lincoln Laboratory during the last 60 years.

Dr. Evans has been the director of Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, Massachusetts since 2006. He is responsible for MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s strategic direction and overall technical and administrative operations.  Prior to becoming director he held several positions in the Air and Missile Defense Technology Division at Lincoln Laboratory. Dr. Evans holds bachelors, masters and Ph.D degrees in electrical engineering from The Ohio State University.   

Highlights of this interview include:

  • The relationship of Lincoln Laboratory and the main MIT Campus.
  • Typical research projects that are undertaken by the Laboratory.
  • The multidisciplinary and collaborative approach used to solve problems.
  • Cybersecurity and defense of space systems are the most serious problems currently being tackled by the Lab.
  • The Lab was founded at the beginning of the Cold War to develop air defense and improved radar systems.
  • Community outreach with K through 12 STEM programs
  • Program for MIT students to work on Lincoln Laboratory projects through Beaver Works.

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