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Catherine N. Stratton

MIT First Lady, 1959 - 1966

MIT First Lady, 1959 - 1966

Catherine N. Stratton
MIT First Lady, 1959 – 1966

Catherine “Kay” Stratton was the first lady of the Institute from 1959–1966 while her husband Julius Adams Stratton was president. In 1960, Mrs. Stratton cofounded the Art Committee to foster visual arts at MIT. The Art Committee would grow to become what is today the Council for the Arts, a powerful balance to the Institute’s heavy technological leanings. She also began the Aging Successfully lecture series, now a part of The Catherine Stratton Lecture Series established by the MIT Women’s League.

Highlights from this interview include:

  • Memories of dinner parties at the president’s house during President Compton’s term.
  • Insights about her work on the Council for the Arts.
  • Reflections on how MIT’s roles during WWII affected her own household.  
  • Role during MIT’s Mid-Century Convocation, at which Winston Churchill spoke.
  • Thoughts on some of the events that occurred during her husband’s presidency.
  • Relationships with the Institute’s iconic figures during the 1930s–early 1960s. 

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