Interface for Apollo's computer.

This TV program details the equipment necessary to keep a spacecraft going in the right direction and the challenges involved in that task.

Image of speaker at lectern

This video is of Professor Athelsan Spilhaus giving the inagural lecture at the MIT Sea Grant Program Convocation celebration.

A model of a "big magnet" to be built at MIT's National Magnetic Laboratory.

This TV program details the future of the National Magnetic Laboratory at MIT in the field of biomagnetics.

A model of what Philadelphia may look like in 1980.

This TV program discusses the potential for city growth over the next 20 years and the possible changes that could come with it.

Machines in use at a Boeing Aircraft plant in Seattle, WA.

This TV program details the "Automatically Programmed Tools" project and the success of MIT's first joint government, industry and university effort.

Bill Clinton delivers the 1998 Commencement.

President William Jefferson Clinton delivers an address at the 1998 MIT Commencement on the topic of the Information Revolution.