A lunar landing simulator at work.

This TV program demonstrates the abilities of the Lunar Excursion Module and the science behind its creation and use.

The return of the Apollo Command Module to Earth is explained

This TV program examines the obstacles that face the Apollo Command Module upon its return to Earth and the science that will keep it intact. 

A model of a "big magnet" to be built at MIT's National Magnetic Laboratory.

This TV program details the future of the National Magnetic Laboratory at MIT in the field of biomagnetics.

Man holding model of iron

This TV program explains the uses of nuclear reactors in scientific research and its implications for future industry.

Interface for Apollo's computer.

This TV program details the equipment necessary to keep a spacecraft going in the right direction and the challenges involved in that task.

Drinking milk in zero gravity.

This TV program examines the difficulties of astronauts maintaining a healthy diet and the science behind eating in space.