William Pounds talks about his career and his eventual transition into management

William Pounds talks about his the trajectory of his career, starting in chemical engineering and moving into management.

Wesley Harris talks about the changing dynamics of race relations on college campuses

Wes Harris speaks about a variety of topics, including how race relations have changed on college campuses over the years.

Lincoln Laboratory

Walter Morrow talks about his experience as director of Lincoln Laboratory, MIT's federally funded research facility.

Tyler Jacks talks about his work in cancer research

Tyler Jacks speaks about his Massachusetts upbringing and his work in cancer research.

Tim Berners-Lee talks about his work creating the World Wide Web

An interview with computer scientist and MacArthur Fellow Timothy Berners-Lee.

Suzanne Berger talks about her work in political science

A talk with political scientist Suzanne Berger in which she describes her research interests and academic accomplishments.