A historical photo of one of MIT's early graduating classes

A documentary that presents an exciting overview of MIT's changing public face and the growing diversity of its student body.

A Lego robotics creation for the 2010 competition

Teams of MIT students design robots that must be able to perform different tasks.

A computer generated image of a stream of data flies over people

Public lecture by 2010-11 Abramowitz Artist in Residence, Aaron Koblin.

Close-up of Alan Lightman's face

To celebrate the birthday of Albert Einstein, we turn to Professor Alan Lightman, best-selling author of Einstein's Dreams.

Anish Kapoor sculpture is polished

View the installation and unveiling of acclaimed artist Anish Kapoor's addition to the MIT Public Art collection.

Artificial skin is held up for inspection

This video highlights how an MIT-MGH collaboration in the 1970s led to the creation of artificial skin, a breakthrough in medical practices.