Franco Modigliani talks about financial theory and the ways in which people handle their savings

Professor Franco Modigliani delivers a talk on his theory about the spending and saving habits of people.

Financial policy and Economic Growth

Professor Franco Modigliani's second of two lectures at Kresge Auditorium about financial policy and the math behind economic growth.

Ronald Rivest delivers a lecture on cryptography

Professor Ronald Rivest delivers a talk on the history, challenges, and uses of cryptography.

Lecture Series: Biology and the Future - History and Future of Biological Weapons

Prof. Matthew Meselson of Harvard University tackles the subject of biological weapons, in the inaugural series lecture on biology and the future.

John Dower gives a lecture about the history of war in the last several decades and the political implications involved

Professor John Dower talks about wars the U.S. has been involved with and how the past is used to promote involvement in current conflicts.

Professor Rudolf Jaenisch delivers a lecture on the applications of stem cells and cellular reprogramming

Professor Rudolf Jaenisch discusses his work in cellular reprogramming, stem cell therapy, and their applications.