An image of one of the earliest computer technologies.

Academics discuss whether they believe computers will be able to "think" on their own one day and their hopes for the future of that field of study.

The Whirlwind computer in action.

This video shows a tour of Whirlwind I facilities at MIT, an early computer research center.

Jay W. Forrester sits in the Whirlwind facility.

Jay W. Forrester speaks with Edward R. Murrow about MIT's Whirlwind computer facility.

Turing Award winners discuss their research and accomplishments

Past Turing Award winners discuss their exceptional contributions to the world of computer science.

An image from a presentation about the importance of making computers accessible to as many people as possible

Speakers, including founder of the MIT Media Lab Nicholas Negroponte and director of the World Wide Web Consortium Tim Berners-Lee, talk about the importance of computers in society.

Artificial Intelligence

Marvin Minsky, known as the father of artificial intelligence, speaks about creating an entirely new field of study.