Additional Resources

Here are some online resources where you can further explore MIT’s history—whether decades old, or currently in the making.

MIT Story logo


MITStory continues the celebration of the Institute’s history that began with MIT’s 150th anniversary in 2011. Tied closely to MIT’s mission, this site highlights key milestones and provides quick access to other relevant MIT history resources across the Institute, spotlighting MIT culture, people, service, education and discovery. 

MIT Museum logo

MIT Museum

Explore invention, ideas and innovation across MIT since its beginnings and into the future, at the MIT Museum. The museum’s renowned collections range from robotics to health science, from architecture to holography, from yacht design to lunar rockets and beyond. Interactive exhibits, public programs, lectures and experimental projects are just some of the museum’s inspiring activities for all ages throughout the year.

Visit the MIT Museum exhibition “Imagining New Technology” showcasing the Institute’s move from Boston to Cambridge in 1916:

logos for MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is a digitally oriented international media company whose journalism, analysis, and live events explain the commercial, social, and political impact of new technologies.  Since its founding at MIT in 1899, the mission of MIT Technology Review has been to equip audiences with the intelligence to understand and contribute to a world shaped by technology.  

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MIT News Office

The MIT News Office promotes MIT’s research, innovations and newsworthy events to the campus community, the news media and the general public.