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Artificial Intelligence

Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences and Computer Science and Engineering, emeritus
Head, Society of Mind Group

MIT2016 Interviews

Anant Agarwal talks about his life and career

Anant Agarwal describes growing up in India, his career at MIT and his work with CSAIL. He also talks about his lifelong goal of educating a billion people.

Cynthia Breazeal talks about her career and her love for robotics

Cynthia Breazeal talks about her childhood love of robots, her career at MIT developing artificial intelligence and the commercial application of robotics in products such as Jibo.

Erich Caulfield

Erich Caulfield talks about growing up in the South, "Nerd Pride" at MIT, and his career in consulting.

Sallie Chisholm

Marine biologist Sallie Chisholm talks about her connection to Wood Holes Oceanographic Institute, the discovery of Prochloroccus, and her experience writing children's books.

Henrietta Davis talks about her many years of service to the city of Cambridge

Henrietta Davis outlines the town/gown relationship between MIT and Cambridge, the history of affordable housing in the city and her experiences in city politics as the former mayor.

Erik Demaine talks about his life and career

Erik Demaine describes his father’s impact on his education, his collaborative style of problem-solving and his love of origami.

MIT150 Interviews

Harold Abelson discusses his life and work related to OpenCourseWare

Harold Abelson speaks about his early life and education, interest in educational technology, and work in founding of OpenCourseWare.

MIT First Lady

Former MIT First Lady Rebecca Vest talks about her early life and her involvement with the MIT community.

Yung Ho Chang talks about his architecture career

Yung Ho Chang speaks about his architecture career in China and the United States.

Wolfgang Ketterle talks about his personal life, career and accomplishments

Wolfgang Ketterle talks about his work in physics and the responsibility a scientist has in today's society.

MIT Architecture

William Mitchell speaks about growing up in the Australian bush and his work in architecture.

Bill Hetcht

Bill Hecht talks about the role of alumni in the MIT community and his experiences with the Institute over the years.

From the Vault

Vice President Al Gore addresses the newest group of MIT graduates.

Vice President Albert A. Gore delivers an address at the 1996 MIT Commencement on the topic of the divide between science and society.

Karim Aga Khan IV speaking at lectern

His Highness Karim Aga Khan IV delivers an address as at the 1994 MIT Commencement on the topic of the changing world and "creative encounters."

Image of President Carlos Salinas de Gortari at podium

President Carlos Salinas de Gortari delivers an address at the 1993 MIT Commencement on the topic of the important role of education in the world.

Civil rights leader Benjamin Hook is the featured speaker at 1991's Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration.

Four students talk about the youth perspective on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Benjamin Hooks delivers the keynote speech.

A still from Kevin Day's experimental film, "A View From the Road."

A silent film short produced by Professor Kevin Lynch in 1965.

Image of Kofi Atta Annan speaking

Seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Atta Annan delivers an address at the 1997 MIT Commencement on the topic of reason.