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Artificial Intelligence

Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences and Computer Science and Engineering, emeritus
Head, Society of Mind Group

Elemental MIT

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, one of the computer industry’s foremost entrepreneurs, gives a wide-ranging talk to a group of MIT Sloan School of Management students in the spring of 1992.

Winston Churchill

At MIT's Mid-Century Convocation held in 1949—described as "an intellectual festival of monumental proportions"—Sir Winston Churchill gave a rousing keynote address titled Mid-Century Convocation on the Social Implications of Scientific Progress.

Mildred Dresselhaus

Institute Professor Millie Dresselhaus provides an engaging introduction to the complex world of nanostructures, nanowires and thermoelectrics.

Philip Morrison

Institute Professor Philip Morrison, renowned nuclear physicist, astronomer, filmmaker and public science figure, delivers a magical talk to MIT alumni during Technology Day in June 1994.

Harold "Doc" Edgerton

Beloved teacher and Institute Professor Harold ‘Doc’ Edgerton is celebrated for his humor, insatiable scientific curiosity and revolutionary accomplishments in high-speed photography and underwater sonar instrumentation.

Jerome Wiesner

This undated b-&-w video compilation, likely prepared in conjunction with Jerome Wiesner’s inauguration as MIT’s 13th president, touches on Wiesner’s life as humanist, scientist and statesman.

MIT2016 Interviews

Eric Evans talks about his work in the Lincoln Labs

Eric Evans highlights the relationship between Lincoln Laboratory and the MIT campus, the importance of cybersecurity and some of the typical research conducted at the Laboratory.

Linda Griffith gives an interview about her education, career and personal life

Linda Griffith discusses her academic career at MIT, her work in biology and her drive to advance research in the field of women’s health.

John Harbison talks about his career and life's work

John Harbison talks about his long career in music, including his years of studying with different mentors, the many commissioned musical pieces he has created and his eventual ascension to the position of Institute Professor at MIT.

Robert Healy talks about being the Cambridge City Manager

Robert Healy describes his efforts to create affordable housing in Cambridge, his work to improve the financial conditions of the city and some of the political challenges and triumphs he has witnessed during his time in service to the city.

Hugh Herr talks about his personal experiences that made him interested in biomechatronics

Hugh Herr describes losing his leg as a teenager, his work to create functional prosthetic limbs and his hopes for the future of that field of technology.

David Maher talks about the challenges and successes of his time in Cambridge politics

David Maher discusses how Cambridge has changed over his lifetime of living there, his political career in service to the city and the relationship between MIT and the city residents.

MIT150 Interviews

Harold Abelson discusses his life and work related to OpenCourseWare

Harold Abelson speaks about his early life and education, interest in educational technology, and work in founding of OpenCourseWare.

MIT First Lady

Former MIT First Lady Rebecca Vest talks about her early life and her involvement with the MIT community.

Yung Ho Chang talks about his architecture career

Yung Ho Chang speaks about his architecture career in China and the United States.

Wolfgang Ketterle talks about his personal life, career and accomplishments

Wolfgang Ketterle talks about his work in physics and the responsibility a scientist has in today's society.

MIT Architecture

William Mitchell speaks about growing up in the Australian bush and his work in architecture.

Bill Hetcht

Bill Hecht talks about the role of alumni in the MIT community and his experiences with the Institute over the years.

From the Vault

The return of the Apollo Command Module to Earth is explained

This TV program examines the obstacles that face the Apollo Command Module upon its return to Earth and the science that will keep it intact. 

Man holding model of iron

This TV program explains the uses of nuclear reactors in scientific research and its implications for future industry.

A lunar landing simulator at work.

This TV program demonstrates the abilities of the Lunar Excursion Module and the science behind its creation and use.

Runners captured via strobe photography.

This documentary examines the life of Harold "Doc" Edgerton and his work with strobe photography to capture rapid motion on film.

Artillery brought from the frontlines of World War II to MIT.

This video is of the Victory and Science exhibition at MIT, a demonstration of World War II weapons and technology for the general public.

Drinking milk in zero gravity.

This TV program examines the difficulties of astronauts maintaining a healthy diet and the science behind eating in space.